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Museum Vacenovice

Rapid change of traditional form of our village during the last 20 years caused discussion among members of Omladina ensemble about the possibility to preserve some remembrances of folk architecture for future generations, building the base - information center and a bank of information and artifacts - municipal museum.

The house of former Bible scholar and chronicler Vincent Profota from Vacenovice appeared to be suitable for said purpose. The municipal office bought the property at the request of the Omladina ensemble members in 2003 into his possession and agreed with them on a common process of its reconstruction. The need to obtain legal personality has led to the establishment of Ethnography association Vacenovice, which realized the project of building the museum.
Front living section, which originates from 1904, was adapted as museum and a rustic room, the back additional built section from 1946 - former horse barn, was rebuilt into a small hall, which is used for holding small exhibitions, lectures and as a rehearsal room or clubhouse for ensembles and associations.
The museum was built for about four years and it was inaugurated in the autumn of 2007.
Until today there was invested about 850 000 CZK and members of Ethnography association Vacenovice worked here for more than 3 000 voluntary hours.
There already were exhibitions of local woodcarver František Setínský. The exhibition on the occasion of the local folklorist F. Mikulčík's Jubilee, photo exhibition and many others.
Among the events that take place in the museum, we can mention for example.: Plucking feathers, degustation of cucumbers, blessing of wine etc.
The museum is not only a reconstructed building. Since 2008 it is also an institution. It deals with the collection, processing and presentation of historical and national information, as well as the rescue and restoration of artifacts.

There is not yet a permanent exhibition in the museum and therefore there are no regular opening hours.

It is open at the time of various events and exhibitions. Dates of events are mentioned here on the website. For inquiries, please contact the municipal office.

The latest information can also be found on Facebook.