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Vicinity of the village

There are are several interesting places and monuments nearby the village, that certainly deserves a mention on our web.


  • The castle Milotice
    Immediately in the next village - Milotice, about three kilometers away, there is a beautiful baroque castle, to which a well-kept park andgame-park belong. Cyclists and hikers can turn right before Milotice and the path will lead them through a natural protected area to the sand pond Písečný rybník. The path ends at the main road. If you will turn to the left, you will come to the castle, which is only few minutes away.zámek
  • Náklo and Horky
  • Náklo hill is the highest point of the hilly area between the village Ratíškovice, Milotice and Vacenovice with an altitude of 265 m. It is easily accessible by car, bicycle or by walking. From its top there is a beautiful view of the surrounding flat land, bordered by Chřiby mountains on the north, by the White Carpathians on the east and by the lime mountains Pálava on the west. If there are good conditions and visibility, you can even see the Alps. Children might be interested in a nearby crater, where the scene of the battle with the dragon for the movie Behind the backyard there is a dragon was filmed.
  • On the top of Náklo hill, there is a Lily Cross, whose erection was initiated in 2004 by the Cyril and Method association from Ratíškovice. Later there were added some more statues: A statue of the Slavonic consolidator the buyer Sámo, a statuary of Cyril and Methodius and in 2014 there was added a statue of a wise monarch the Slavonic duke Rastislav.

  • There is also the intersection of local wine trails on Náklo. Visitors can taste delicious local wines from the sunny slopes. They can choose between three viticultural sites: Slavín in Ratíškovice, Žlébky in Vacenovice or Šidleny in Milotice.
  • náklo
  • mapa náklo


On the northern slope of the Náklo hill, at an altitude of 190-260 m, on the border of the Lower Morava Vale and hilly area around Kyjov, there is a nature reserve called Horky. It is located between fields and vineyards and is known for rich presence of Adonis vernalis and Echium maculatum. And Adonis vernalis is the main attraction here. It blooms early in spring and its amazing golden-yellow flowers are up to 8 cm in diameter.


  • Natural monument Aeolian sands and meandering banks of the Morava river called Osypané břehy.
  • Aeolian sands

    Aeolian sands is area, which is protected as national natural monument. Located on South Moravia, between the part of the village Rohatec (Rohatec-Kolonie) and the railway station Bzenec přívoz in the area called Bzenecká doubrava (sometimes called Moravian Sahara). It lies on both sides of the railway line Přerov - Břeclav in a band up to 60 m wide and 5,5 km long, on an area of ​​94,56 hectares. From the northwest side of the reservation along the entire length lined with pine monoculture of the forest Doubrava, southeast it is adjacent to the natural park Strážnické pomoraví.

    This area consists of sea sediments from the late Tertiary, all of which the finer particles were blown. The sand is so composed of pure quartz grains with minimum of other minerals. The sand layer here reaches a thickness of 10 to 30 m.

    The main reason for the protection is the occurrence of significant associations, who lives on sands. There are found protected and endangered species of plants, animals (especially insects) and fungi.

    The most widespread plant here is
    Corynephorus canescens (common name Grey Hair-grass).

    The most widespread fungus here is very rare
    Dichomitus squalens, which appears only at two other locations in Czechia.

    outkovka paličkovecmapa
  • The area called Osypané břehy – the meanders of the Morava river osyp

  • Two km away from the railway station Bzenec přívoz there are three high banks of the meandering Morava river, called Osypané břehy. This is a more than 10 meter high wall of aeolian sand on the banks of the Morava river, which are overgrown with pine trees.

    The natural monument Osypané břehy is reachable on foot or by bike from the station Bzenec přívoz along the blue tourist mark towards the sand pit. You will exit the blue mark here and go into the sand pit, from where the sandy path swerves you to the natural monument Osypané břehy, and you will continue through the forest way along the Morava river. On the left side you can see beautiful views of the sandy meandering
    banks beneath you.

    At the end of the sand pit, which is located along the right side of the path, turn right on a forest way leading to the railway line. You will go under it and after 600 meters join an asphalt educational trail Aeolian sands and turn to the right. This trail will take you to the main road connecting Bzenec and Strážnice. Total length of this trace is about 9 km.

  • The possibility of getting to the Aeolian sands and Osypané břehy from Vacenovice is through Rúdník where you will first went through the asphalt road through Bzenecká doubrava and than through forest ways will went to this place. See the map. A large part of Doubrava is riddled with asphalt roads, so it fits both cycling and in-line skating.m2

  • Tipper
    Wagon tipper on the Morava river near Sudoměřice, outdoor museum Strážnice.




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