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19. 4. 2019


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Folklore easter egg paintresses


In this section we would like to introduce our best folklore easter egg paintresses - Mrs. M. Jakubíčková and Mrs. L. Vlasáková. Both are many years successfully representing Vacenovice in this art. And it really is art. This scratch-carve technique has a long tradition in our village. Still in the fifties of the previous Century, almost all little girls sharpened the files, drew and painted eggs. It simply belonged to the Easter. And fortunately, it seems that this beautiful tradition will not extinguish with these two ladies. They have a lot of young followers, which participate in various performances, fairs and similar events, where they show off their skills.

Both have their products in the Gallery of the Association of
folklore easter egg paintresses in Libotenice. They are very successfull at various exhibitions and won various awards. Hopefully, there will be always enough followers in Vacenovice and we will always have the most beautiful Easter eggs in the world.


Here is the contact:

M. Jakubíčková: +420 728 777 428
L. Vlasáková: +420 739 177 773